As a certified therapist specializing in individual and relationship therapy, my objective is to help people live happier, more fulfilling lives.

How we talk together...

Humanistic therapy

In humanistic therapy, the main focus is on a person's capacity to make rational choices and develop.

Cognitive therapy

In cognitive therapy, the focus is on what people think and then their actions

Mindfulness therapy

In mindfulness therapy, the main focus is on leaning to develop healthy breathing and coping strategies to help with anxiety


Individual therapy

brown concrete building during daytime
brown concrete building during daytime

Individual therapy helps you to learn about yourself. We work through behavioral, communicational, thought and relational patterns.

48 Euros per session

Group therapy

Group therapy helps individuals work through issues by interacting with a therapist and a group of people struggling with similar things.

23 Euros per person per hour

Couples counseling

Relationship therapy helps people to communicate their feelings and needs to each other without fear of being criticized.

68 euros per hour per couple


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Happy clients

Francis L.

Gina has really helped me overcome past traumas I had been keeping private for a long time. Now, I feel more relaxed, happier and more confident in my life, and feel like I can walk with my head held high rather than feeling ashamed about what I experienced.

Paul H.

Moving away from my parents to attend college was a shock. With therapy, I was able to manage my stress and use coping strategies. Gina helped me to see the potential that I have in multiple areas and how to apply my strengths in different contexts. 


Get help wherever you are

  • Offering online therapy for all age groups

  • Specialized experience with teenagers and young adults ages 18-25.